Possibility of voice communication in the PABLO System



Voice communication without access to the GSM network

The PABLO system is independent of the access to the external telecommunications network, including the GSM network. Radios will work where classic telephones are out of range or cannot be used.


Critical communication

The PABLO system can be configured in such a way that it will be independent of external power sources. Voice communication will work in the event of a power failure or other crisis situation.


Voice communication between employees and the dispatcher

You can send a voice message to all employees and select one or more radios to hear the message. Employees also have the option of voice communication with each other, without taking the dispatcher into account.


Integration with the sound system and intercom

The PABLO system can be integrated with an internal sound system or intercom. Thanks to this, the message can also be heard by employees who are not equipped with radiotelephones.


SMS notification to the GSM telephone of the crisis team

In the event of an alarm, the PABLO System automatically sends an SMS to the GSM telephone of the crisis team. The message includes the location of the alarm and the identification number of the radio that triggered the alarm. It is also possible to send an SMS from the dispatcher’s console to the employee’s radiotelephone.