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The PABLO system is the implementation of cooperation between i3P and Novatel – companies combining passion, skills and experience in the areas of critical communication and industrial automation.

PABLO – Personal Safety and Location Assistant is a PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) solution addressed to enterprises for which the safety of employees performing tasks in hazardous conditions and requiring uninterrupted communication is of particular importance. Special recipients of our solution are people responsible for health and safety supervision and maintenance managers.
Our unconventional ideas and the technology we have created support security processes with functionalities, such as:

– monitoring and visualization of the location of critical employees on the company’s map:

– lone-worker
– man-down
– automatic security zones
– collective notifications and alarms
– integrated radio-intercom communication from the leading manufacturers Hytera DMR and Zenitel

PABLO monitors employees both in the open space and in rooms that suppress the GPS signal. The system provides information on the location and condition of people working in hazardous conditions, regardless of infrastructure or failure of external operators’ services. We configure communication systems in such a way as to provide voice communication to crisis teams in the event of a serious failure.

That is why PABLO is a system supporting CRITICAL safety processes in industrial plants.

We are professionals with over 30 years of experience developed in numerous large and smaller scale projects carried out in Poland and abroad.
Among the recipients of our services who trust us, we can distinguish the metallurgical and innovative industries such as Saint-Gobain, the brewing industry (Kompania Piwowarska, Grupa Żywiec, Van Pur), the tobacco industry (British American Tobacco) and the furniture industry (Forte Group).

We are happy to take on your challenges.


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Our team

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Adam Gregorczyk

Co-founder of the PABLO System. He has over 30 years of experience in establishing business contacts. Responsible for the integration of the PABLO system with intercoms and the Zenitel sound system.


Tomasz Puczyłowski

Designer of industrial automation systems. An engineer with over 35 years of experience in the industry. Co-founder of the PABLO System. Responsible for technical development, an expert and passionate about radio communication.


Sebastian Drożdżał

Co-founder of the PABLO System. Responsible for product development. 20+ years of experience in the IT industry, service management as well as security and process optimization.


Novatel team

A group of specialists who provide technical support and take care of the PABLO System.

Why you should work with us?


We make sure that each project is carried out individually. Everything is personalized and matched to the client’s needs. We take care of obtaining all the necessary permits and comprehensively conduct the project from A to Z.

Our Clients

Say about the PABLO system:

"The completed investment generated the following benefits:
-Improvement of security.
- Quick reaction in the event of a threat to health and life.
- More effective management in crisis situations.
- Shortening the temporary registration procedure to a minimum.
- Improving work organization through more effective communication, reducing production interruptions. "
Grzegorz Kazania, Utilities Manager British-American Tobacco
"The launched system provides voice communication coverage in every, even the most remote place of the workplace (where there is no GSM network coverage)."

"The task was performed reliably, professionally, on time and in accordance with the concluded contract. The communication system was recommended for other Grupa Żywiec breweries. "
Michał Makuch, Engineering and Investment Manager
Grupa Żywiec